Sep 30 Contracts Signed To Establish Waste Energy Plant In Nevis Nevis, waste to energy, job creation, renewable energy, solar power, geothermal, Omni Alpha

Another step has been taken to solidify plans to establish a Waste to Energy plant on the island of Nevis.

At a press conference on Wednesday (Sept 24), Hon. Mark Brantley, minister of Health, and the directors at Nevis Renewable Energy International announced that documents had been signed to begin the process of building the plant.

"This project is an important project for the island of Nevis, in large measure because it assists us in dealing with our waste problem. We hope through this project to achieve a comprehensive waste solution for the island," Brantley said.

There is also a solar energy component to the project, which is intended to add to other green energy solutions on the island.

"We hope to have in Nevis pretty soon a mix of renewables: wind, waste to energy, solar, and eventually geothermal. It is our goal and objective to become the greenest place on planet Earth, to wean ourselves entirely off fossil fuels and to ensure that the people on the island of Nevis have a sustainable supply of renewable energy,” the minister of health said.

Chris Burgess, Chief Operating Officer at Omni Alpha, a US-based renewable energy developer undertaking the investment, said his company is looking to "speed up our construction time table” and hopes to break ground before the end of the year.

"[We want to] have both systems operating, commissioned and energised by the fourth quarter 2015", he said.

The construction of the plant should provide 50-60 jobs, according to Burgess.